6 Pros of Moving Comp 101 Online

This semester, I’m working with a small cohort of composition instructors to develop GMU’s first hybrid online-F2F composition class. As we get into conversations about pedagogy and course design, we’re keeping a blog that reflects our research and evolving thoughts.

For any comp instructors interested in online course design, here is my first post for the semester, a brainstorm of six possible pros of moving FYC to an online format.

The elephant in the room, of course, is workload. In my experience, it takes almost twice as long to prepare and monitor an online class as it does a F2F class. If anyone has insight into the ways instructors can leverage the advantages of the online platform (including ease of replication, content sharing, and data collection) to save time, my cohort and I would love to hear from you. —KF


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